Unpaid Ndola council workers flush out lying spokesperson

Unpaid Ndola council workers flush out lying spokesperson

NDOLA City Council workers on Tuesday chased council public relations manager Tilyenji Mwanza from her office after she issued a statement that they had been paid their salary arrears when in fact not. Mwanza issued the statement to ZANIS in Ndola, which was aired on ZNBC, that the workers had started receiving their three-month salary arrears.

After the news aired, the workers sought after Mwanza to get clarification on the matter. The news caused confusion as the workers walked out of their offices to see Mwanza over her statement. They forced Mwanza out of her office and she was whisked away as the workers, who have called for her removal, planned to beat her.

Ndola town clerk Wisdom Bwalya distanced himself from the claim that the local authority had mobilised its own resources to pay the arrears. Zambia United Local Authority Workers Union branch chairperson Royd Simfukwe said the workers have passed a resolution that Mwanza be replaced for giving false information to the media.

“That is immoral for this PR to give false information to the media. Who has paid us? Who has started receiving salaries? We are anxious and she is telling lies. This is unacceptable,” Simfukwe said.

And the union’s general secretary Emmanuel Mwinsa said the union was saddened that while it had been working on addressing the challenges at the council, the NCC management was misleading its employees.

“We are fighting very much to see that the workers get salaries, but while we want to address these challenges, management is busy misleading the workers,” said Mwinsa.

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