Unpiad game rangers start poaching


What we said some few days ago its now being implemented. These reports are undeniable fact. Its also happening in lower Zambezi and Kafue GMAs as we are speaking right now. When it comes to Buffaloes are slaughtered everyday basis and this worries safari hunting businesses who are looking for trophy qualities. This is a combined survival alternative for both ZAWA scouts, Community Scouts and poachers. Both ZAWA and Community Scouts communicate to the poachers detailing them of their patrols to be conducted and where and when they (poachers) can make a move in the hunting areas. Even some ZAWA rangers are involved and has become a wider network of survival alternative. Kindly this is the truth to tell you as a nation. ZWD if you want you can confirm this with Senior wardens across GMAs in the country starting with SLAMU unit in the luangwa GMA. This is due to frustration and anger for not being paid their SALARIES by the government for several months now. Here is the summary of non payment:

1) CRBs have not been paid their community projects funds since when hunting started last year.
1) Wildlife Police Officers have not been paid since January to date which is seven months solid now.
3) Community Scouts have not been paid for five months and their SALARIES are below minimum wage.

While this is happening the PF regime is spending not less than two billion old reburse kwacha at every campaign rally they hold in the following areas:
1) Food for cadres
2) Transport to ferry carders
3) Funding for their violence projects
4) funding for their rigging strategy
This is where they have taken the whole funds as oppose to pay SALARIES for officers above. So this route taken now by Scouts its an alternative survival because they have exhausted every means but its all in vein. Safari outfitters where are you on this issue? Bishop Joshua Banda where are you on this issue? Kambwili Chishimba tell the nation through your dead broadcast if this is not true about your PF government? Jean Kapata the most ugly minister including the voice itself address the nation whether this is not true? Withheld my name.

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