Unprecedented road deaths under PF could be spiritual, maintains Nevers Mumba

The Culture of death

On behalf of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy, I wish to extend my deepest condolences to the bereaved families of the 14 victims who died in the recent Ndola- Kitwe dual carriage way road carnage. We ask that the Lord, the God of all comfort keeps them during this very difficult time.

While it is true that an accident happens without a plan, I am convinced that we can plan to reduce road accidents in the nation. The past three weeks have seen the heightening of a culture of death as a result of road accidents. This development has gone un abated since PF came into office. Christians across the nation have continued to enquire as to whether these deaths are enshrined in spiritual sacrifices. This is an issue the church is capable of managing, as the Bible says, “He has given us power over all the powers of the enemy…”

Our indictment goes against the PF government’s inability to deal with this culture of death on our roads. Almost on a daily basis, lives are lost because of bad roads, corrupt police men who continue to allow defective vehicles on the road, poor signage and a host of other preventable causes. We are now loosing close to 3000 lives every year from traffic accidents. It is now the third largest killer after Malaria and HIV/AIDS. Zambia has also risen in world health statistics as 11th in road traffic accidents. This has been compounded by irresponsible drivers on the roads who know that no policeman can arrest them as long as they have money to give them.

We call for a stakeholders meeting to deal with this culture of death which is now being accepted as normal in the nation. MMD demands that the PF government moves swiftly to save lives. This is an emergency and government must do what it was elected to do. To protect the citizens of this country.

Nevers Sekwila Mumba
President, MMD
Party Secretariat Release

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