Unregulated Herbal and traditional medicine

Open Letter To: Dr Mujajati Zambia Medical Association President Subject: Herbal and traditional medicine.
With reference to the aforementioned, i would like to enquire about the Medical Associations standing on Herbal remedies being sold around some townships. I write to you to enquire if the Medical Association, working with the Pharmaceutical association, has taken any steps in tasting the acclaimed healing powers of herbal medicine being sold around many areas, including my constituency, Munali. Many herbal remedies like, 7 wonders, morringa, lemon crystal, processed charcoal and so on are prescribed around street corners and are claimed to cure complicated medical conditions. I want to push in a formal request, for the Association of medical professionals to investigate the herbal remedies, to firstly safe guard the welfare of citizens and secondly, if the remedies are indeed as effective as they are claimed to be, we can start working on creating a platform to empower our youths, in munali, and other parts of the country to produce and package the medicine for commercial use. A locally produced drug would create alot of empowerment for our citizens and essentially better the lives of many zambians. Your consideration would greatly be appreciated.
Eng. Niza Phiri B.Eng, MIEZ Munali Aspiring MP

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