Unrepentant criminals being unleashed in society

Dear Editor,

Kindly ask this question for me on behalf of Zambians to Mr Edgar Lungu. Ever since Mr Lungu took over the presidency of this great republic, we have seen a lot of unreformed criminals being released from prison. In the past, prisoners would only be released on either independence day or on African freedom day. Why is it that unreformed and dangerous criminals are being released on a monthly basis and in huge numbers. As personnel entrusted by the givernment to keep these prisoners and help them reform, we are getting concerned at the rate at which unreformed criminals are being released from prison. Could it be that Mr Lungu wants these criminals to help rig the coming elections? Surely, this is the only question any reasonable person would ask. Our leanred judges in their wisdom gained from many years of experience have been sentencing these criminals to a number of years enough to give us chance to help them reform but someone is busy releasing them on a monthly basis before they can even reform. This is really very unfair to society. The president is abusing his powers to pardon criminals and he is now putting the country on a serious security risk. It is not surprising that the country has been witnessing serious killings which is very unusal in Zambia.

Concerned prisons officer


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