Unresolved Fault at City Garden Village – Complaint Number 1880149

Zesco Management
It is very appalling and horrendous that a faulty transformer within Lusaka approximately Six kilometres  from Zesco headquarters can take more than 48 hours to resolve.
It only proves the ineptness and mediocrity that has been associated with the power utility over the years.
If complaints within the radius of six kilometres from the power utility headquarters can take this long then the initiative of electrifying most  parts of rural Zambia will always remain a far fetched dream.
Zesco like Zamtel wastes so much financial and human resource crisscrossing the city of Lusaka in their branded 4×4 vehicles and yet achieve less in terms of service delivery.
The young men and women that are employed as customer care staff are another drain of our much needed public resources as some of them lack basic customer care and telephone etiquette.
Improve your service delivery because this is not free but we pay and you should get it in your heads.
Disappointed Customer

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