UN tourism conference 2013 will only benefit Zimbabwe, says Sata

UN tourism conference 2013 will only benefit Zimbabwe, says Sata

President Micheal Sata says Livingstone has no capacity to host the 4000 tourists expected in the country next year to attend the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) conference scheduled for August 2013 in Livingstone.

Speaking when he addressed a group of people who attended a public rally at Villa grounds in Livingstone today, Mr Sata said the 4000 tourists would only benefit the Zimbabwean side.

”You have no capacity to look after 4000 tourists coming for the UNWTO next year. The people you are bringing you are bringing them for
Zimbabwe,” said Sata.

Sata has called on the people of Livingstone to vote for the Patriotic Front (PF) candidate Josephs Akafumba if any meaningful
development was to be brought to Livingstone.

He said Livingstone has continued to lag behind because it was fond of voting for the opposition political parties adding that the people of
Livingstone should not blame anyone if they voted for the opposition and the city continued to lag behind.

Sata said it was easier for him to listen to his own MP as opposed to an oppositions MP.

He noted that politics was not an easy game and wondered how UPND fielded a man of God to stand in the parliamentary bye-election.

Sata observed that of the ten provinces, it was only Southern that had failed to give the ruling party a Member of Parliament.

On the youths protesting over the jobs in the Defence forces, Sata said the people should not blame the PF government because for the
past twenty years, the MMD government did nothing to expand the defence forces.

He appealed to the people to give the PF time adding that the recruitment exercise under the PF government would be a continuous
exercise adding that the ministers in the PF government were working round the clock.

Sata noted that if government does not provide for the youths, the same youths protesting over jobs could become dangerous.

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