UNZA class boycott enters day 2

UNZA class boycott enters day 2

The class boycott at the University of Zambia Great East Road Campus has entered its second day.

This is not a piggery, it's the UNZA main library

The students are demanding for improved water supply and sanitation at the institution.

A check by a ZNBC news crew this morning found some students sun basking in the university grounds.

And a check at one of the student’s hostels revealed pools of water with maggots in the foyer.

And University of Zambia Students Union President Vincent Chaile says the class boycott is indefinite.

He said students will not attend class until the situation is addressed.

Mr Chaile has called on the Minister of Education and the area Member of Parliament Nkandu Luo to visit the institution to see for themselves the bad sanitation conditions prevailing.

Hundreds of UNZA students at the Great East Road Campus yesterday protested over lack of water at the country’s highest institution of learning.

The students blocked the Great East Road with stones and logs to show displeasure at the lack of water at the institution.

They complained that the institution has had no water since Friday last week, and that nothing has been done to correct the situation.

UNZA vice chancellor professor Steven Simukanga had on Monday assured the students that water supply would be normalized by the end of the day.


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