UNZA don Mbozi advises Sata to fire GBM

Fire and arrest GBM,

Mr. President, Michael Sata.

I have written this open letter to you so that in future I will reproduce it and say ‘I warned you’.  Could you please fire defense minister Geoffrey Mwamba and then subject him to criminal prosecution for his ‘assassination plot’ lies. He is not only a threat to you but to the nation as a whole.

These are the reasons.

1. Minister Mwamba is a liar. His statement to The Post Newspaper on Monday that police are investigating the assassination attempt is actually his own self admission that his claim last November that there was a plot to assassinate you was a lie. If Mr. Mwamba has information, what then are the police investigating? How can they investigate what he already knows? Why can’t police make arrests based on the information he has? The fact is that Mr Mwamba has no proof. The police did not arrest anybody because they found out that he lied. Mr. President, are you safe trusting a minister who can lie to you over things that threaten your life? What makes you think he is not secretly telling lies against?

2. Minister Mwamba is an incompetent minister. If he maintains that he has the information then another even more scaring conclusion can be drawn. Why is he not influencing that those assassin plotters are arrested ten months after he discovered the plot? Mr. President can you trust a minister who knows your assassin plotter but lets them free? (since he claimed to know them as ‘opposition leaders’ then he even sees them around!). How safe can you feel? It means either that your minister is so incompetent that he will never protect you, or he knows you are in danger but fore some curious reason he does  not just want to protect you.

Compare your minister with previous ones. They were all making arrests before announcing any threats and they were often proved right. On 16th October 1980, police arrested the coup plotters against Kenneth Kaunda without making unfounded announcemts or taking too long. Although some of the arrested people such as Elias Chipimo, Velentine Musakanya and Patrick Chisanga  were later acquitted, at least the the plot itself was there and the likes of Edward Shamwana  were sentenced to death ( though Kaunda later pardoned them). Shamwana even later admitted it and apologized to Kaunda.  Again when Lieutenant Mwamba Luchembe of Zambia Army announced that he had overthrown Kaunda in June 1990, the state machinery made quick arrests the same day. Kaunda quickly appointed Lt. General Hannaniah Lungu as defense minister to replace Frederick Hapunda.   On 4TH March 1993, President Frederick Chiluba declared a state of emergency after the Zero Option Plan was exposed.  Again this plot did exist and action was quick. Several opposition UNIP members were arrested, including Kenneth Kaunda’s children, Wezi, Tilyenji, and Panji, Mwamba’s now deputy minister.  Others were Gurthbert Ng’uni, Bonnie Tembo, Stephen Moyo (ex ZNBC Director General), Henry Kamina (former director general of Zambia Intelligence Service), Christopher Mukoya (former intelligence officer) and Remmy Siwisha.

Again when Stephen Lungu (calling himself Captain Solo) attempted to overthrown Chiluba there was accurate and quick action.

Ask yourself, has defense minister Geoffrey Mwamba got the intellectual capacity to analyze intelligence information and make you secure like the previous officials were doing to their Presidents? Did he get that information from the inteliligiency or from hearsay? Why is it taking a year to act? The answer is simple. This minister of defence cannot be trusted.  Just as he can not tell when you are not threatened and lie to you that you are threatened he can also fail to tell when you are really threatened.

3. Threat to public order: Mwamba vs. HH.   Let me show how Mwamba’s assassination accusation can cause public disorder. Since he has not named those people whom he accuses of threatening to kill you some people, including some of your supporters, are likely to start guessing. Personally, I suspect that many people might think he is accusing Hakainde Hichilema and Rupiah Banda as those threatening to assassinate you because his  statement was that it was ‘opposition leaders and former leaders’ and of late he has been saying Mr Hichilema is a threat to national security. And how come just after Mr Hichilema challenged him to prove assassination allegations, police now swing into action to search the UPND secretariat? Is it to make the public believe Mwamba’s allegations? Now, suppose anything happens you say a road accident etc? Don’t you think your supporters who have a habbit of trying to stone Hakainde Hichilema may react violently towards him? Don’t you think then, that going by what we saw at central police UPND cadres can also start fighting back? Don’t you think that, with these bitter tribal sentiments created by your tribalism; with the Barotse whom you cheated are angry;  this can spread into nationwide ethnic violence?

Look around the world. No police, army etc has ever succeeded in suppressing ethnic violence, especially that even armed wing staff belong o ethnic groups. This whole country can be on fire if you are not careful. No tribe or politicians can win such a battle.

Mr. President, let me say something clear here. I want you to stay in office for five years without disturbances. My reason is that since I have already warned that you are not presidential material, I want your voters to suffer economically from your failures so that they learn a lesson. If anybody else took over from you now, for whatever reason, your voters will judge him too harshly because they will believe that you would have succeeded in implementation those lies you promised. So stay on and face your voters!

Now compare what I have given above as potential anarchy from Mwamba’s statement with what Mr. HIchilema is being arrested for. Which is a worse threat to national security? Can even Mr. Fred Mmembe’s Post, which is now Zambia’s propaganda tool for government ( worse than the The Times and The Daily) mail give a convincing illustration of what can happen as a result of Mr Hichilema’s statement  over Sudan? Suppose the public were to believe his statement that PF may be planning to train militia is Sudan, how can the public cause a security risk? At best, all that can happen is that they will refuse to go to Sudan. Nothing else. This can only embarrass the PF, and if HH lied, then PF can only sue him for defaming them in a civil matter, not a criminal matter they are pursuing now.

In any case, Mr. Mmembe’s Post lied that Mr. Hakainde ever said PF HAS actually sent militia trainees to Sudan. He only WARNED, that the MOU PF signed with Sudan COULD, result in militia training since the Sudanese President Bashir was implicated in 2008 over genocide charges by International Criminal Court (ICC)!

In any case Mr. President compare what Mr Hichilema said about Sudan and what you reportedly said as opposition leader in Kabwe appealing to the  ex military officers  to help the PF? Is this not tantamount to inciting our armed forces to disobey the head of state, at the time President Banda? Would you not regard it as a threat to peace if today Mr. Hichilema were to say it?  Do recall that in 1980, Elias Chipimo , then Standard Bank of Zambia chairman, has said one party state leaders could ‘end up with bullets in their heads’?  Even if Kaunda said some people were trying to assassinate him, he did not arrest Chipimo immediately but called Sir George Taylor, the senior deputy chairman for Standard Bank of London to disassociate their Bank from Chipimo’s statement. Chipimo was only arrested in June when there was a real coup threat led by lawyer Edward Shamwana.

4. Geofrey Mwamba is now accused of wanting job. Who would you consider to be a danger to your hold on power more between Mr. Hichilema and Mr. Mwamba?  It is Mr. Mwamba because while Mr. Hichilema   is campaigning openly to remove you from office through the ballot and Mr. Mwamba is reportedly organizing secrete campaigns within the PF.  The Post newspaper even warned that nobody should aspire to take over the PF presidency on account of his financial contribution to PF victory. They seem to have been referring to Mr. Mwamba. Other media also liked him to presidential ambitions.

The secrecy with which he is doing it should worry you Mr. President, since a person who does things secretly is always a dishonest one and can be danger to your hold on power.


I have warned you as somebody who, even if I don’t approve of your presidential abilities, I would wish you to stay on both for national security and because as a human being, I see no reason why a person who was democratically elected, even by foolish voters, should not be allowed to try our their ruling fantasies.

Yours faithfully, Austin Mbozi

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