UNZA lecturer Mbozi in police cells


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    Shimukokota Nsono 3 years ago

    Data, information, and knowledge can be acquired or taught in a classroom but wisdom is given by God.
    Respect for authority is very important too. And remember, you reap what you sow.
    But in a democracy such as ours in Zambia, diverse views much be respected. We must tolerate, forgive and embrace one another. Most so after a day of prayer, fasting, forgiveness and repentance.
    CK has forgiveness FS for punching him. But has FS given up ifimanga, repented and forgiven CK after what happened at The Fighting Assembly? Bwana Speakers, no double standards.
    Let justice flow like a stream but righteousness like a might river.

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    Pat Rick 3 years ago

    If my people who are called by my name… I’m sure you all know this verse

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    Habanjovu 3 years ago

    Calling the dead sata idiot and the current president swine is not freedom of speach! Let’s term our language. What are the young going to think about us!?

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    Oviziba 3 years ago

    It’s fine let him be in detention.
    Let’s not abuse democracy where as even if someone misbehaves then we say it’s democracy. “Kutumpa”
    There was loss of life and I’m no one wanted just to kill.

    Remember when students run amok and break cars no one takes responsibility now that that happened it’s PF.If say my car was burnt by students who could have been blamed? All was going to be fine??

    That was an accident let’s accept.

    Us employees when Salaries are delayed we never demonstrate in streets. Today KCM contractors it’s three months no pay have you heard demos. Students should behave also and remember that is tax payers money.
    Ala imwee!!

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    Kenny 3 years ago

    #Free Dr. Mbozi

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    Bishop 3 years ago

    #Release Dr. Mbozi. Democratic principles entail freedom of expression and truth.
    #Release Dr. Mbozi

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    Rabson 3 years ago

    The man is foolish. You dont insult everybody including the dead. He must use his mouth with care.

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    Why are they troubling the gentleman?He just wrote his observation and his opinions according to what happened.Surely the truth hurts.

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      Pay Rick 3 years ago

      If my people who are called by name… I’m sure you all know this verse