UNZA lecturers, workers not yet paid for last month

UNZA lecturers, workers not yet paid for last month


TiFeb 01-15 2014.pdfll today, UNZA staff have not been paid their February salaries, and the management is mute as to when staff will be paid. The broke PF government has not yet remitted the grant that partially covers the wage bill. Sources say that UNZA management was yesterday  afternoon expected to meet ministry officials.

As of today, how to identify a UNZA worker without introduction ,” FIND A VEHICLE ALONG EAST ROAD THAT PARKED OR BEING PUSHED FOR RUNNING OUT OF FUEL ,JUST KNOW IT BELONGS TO A UNZA EMPLOYEE ” and ” FIND WHO IS ASKING FOR NKONGOLE OR KALOBA ,JUST KNOW ITS A UNZA LECTURER ” this is what Lungu’s failure to pay these hard working Professionals in our country has caused. PF and Lungu has reduced UNZA as an institution ,students , workers /Lecturers to paupers and beggars because he doesn’t care.

Meanwhile, in a caucus last evening , UNZA Dons/Lecturers that briefly met to discuss their embarrassing situation and to chat the way forward vowed to use every remaining energy within the remaining 4 months to help Lungu reach Chawama faster than he could out of State House.

“We have been reduced to beggars despite what we put in this institution amidst poor conditions, Government doesn’t seem concerned with our pride, Government first failed to pay students their deserved meal allowances and failed to explain in clear terms to students causing panic and chaos hence closing the Universities , now Government has failed to pay us salaries , so they want us to equally go to the street so that they this time they close WHAT ? ” wondered the source

They warned that this time , the two Universities will close PF and Lungu. The same way they closed the 2 Institutions and pushed our students of Schools ,we too shall close PF and push Lungu out of State House.

“Those that speak to Lungu should tell him that , we shall equally go for his throat come 11/8 . We shall teach him the lesson he will never forget with his minions that are ill advising him. We shall sink his ruling Party to a political dusty bin” another source said

It appears President Lungu ‘s Govt has completely run the coffers dry, Teachers were only paid on 1st March , ZNBC workers received a notification of delayed salaries instead of payslips . Including soldiers had that salaries delayed into the last day. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN ?

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