UNZA Riots: Police Beat, Choke Students with Teargas

Riots broke out at the University of Zambia (UNZA) Great East Campus last night when students took to the streets protesting their delayed meal and book allowances.

Students are riled with the Patriotic Front government for delaying their allowances. Majority students were upset that there were nearing end of the semester without their allowances.

They took to Great East Road Campus pelting motorists and blocking the road.

The students fear that the government would let them go on a long term vacation without disbursing their due allowances. Yesterday was the second time in four weeks but the fifth riot since the PF took over power.

Merciless riot police moved in to quell the rising tension at the institution and bundled most of the students in vans to police stations, teargased the institution and beat up anyone they found around the hostels.

The riots went on beyond midnight and final semester examinations which are still in progress could be disrupted as some students have vowed to continue with the protest.

Students at UNZA have protested extended closure, delayed allowances and this is happening for the fifth time in 17 months of President Michael Sata’s leadership.

Zambia Report

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