UNZA riots: shame on police

UNZA riots: shame on police

I  wish to express my disappointment with the police`s performance over the riot that was at the university of Zambia. The riot was due to the blaf or rather less payments that the students received from the government after being delayed and waiting patiently for a period of time.

My disappointment goes to the police with their level of operation when they began breaking doors, throwing tear guess in students rooms and taking innocent students when the riot was already done. students around 19:00 maintained order and when back to their respective rooms only to be alarmed by the police when they started throwing tear guess and breaking doors. what really pains me is that the police would throw tear guess by the entrance of the blocks leaving students with no option but jumping out of the rooms as high as the third floor. some of students have got terrible injuries and this is because of the lack of proper thinking of our police.

please we are not animals but people so treat as like your ones. we do riot because this is how you have trained us to communicate to you in a violent manner, writting letters to the government or peaceful demonstrations do not work…

now we are appealing to you that we need our fellow students back. do not express CBU anger to Unza students. we are asking in kind before things go worse.

The police no longer maintain order but promote more violence. last time we had an innocent lady jumping from third floor, breaking her spinner cod and this time we have got similar situations. imagine it was your child. we are not criminals but students. i wish i could say that we are your children but unfortunatley we are not coz parent treats his children in this manner. last time we received a message from ireen chirwa about when the allowances will be in we understood that should show you that all we needed i s someone to address us unlike giving less money and keeping quite or what next will happen.

This is what you wanted and expected from us and this is what you got.

i am also appealing to the government that they need to train their police men well not the unproffesional skills we have received of late… yes we know the government has failed but they shouldnt be demostraiting this every now and then,

 its really a shame.

Briannnn viva

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