Unza student dies from police teargas

Unza student dies from police teargas


It is with a sad heart that we announce to you the death of our member, Vespers Shimuzhila, 4th year, school of education, Adult education. She died around 03 today due to suffocation in her room during the protest by students at UNZA great east road main campus.
We call upon members of UNZA SDA PCM to keep calm as we mourn our beloved sister and continue to seek comfort and counsel from the Lord. We shall keep the general membership posted on the processions via electronic media.


She had Asthma and could not escape the gas from police teargas.

Life cut short by teargas. And that was her last update before being suffocated to death in the room where she was praying and studying

Meanwhile, Vincent Chaile says👇🏾

Nkandu luo must take full resposibility for Unza riots, the woman is very stubborn.

In her wisdom as nkandu Luo she decided to ban the student union (UNZASU) for over a year now ,hoping banning the student union is the only way she can control students like her own kids and take full control for politcal reasons.

As a former UNZASU President , Student union (UNZASU)) has played a very critical role to stabilize the institution though dissemination among students and other activities.

There is serious communication breakdown between the student populace,the management and govt.In short the institution is run on rumours because there is no one to represent or communicate to the students.

You do not expect stability when there are more 30,000 students at one place without a student representation. The students are orphaned.

Vincent Chaile

President for Radical Revolutionary Party (RRP)

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