UNZA student dies of typhoid, Mulungushi University closed

Negligence by the ruling Patriotic Front government on Zambia’s largest institutions has now led to the death of a University of Zambia (UNZA) Student from typhoid and Kabwe’s Mulungushi University closed indefinitely due to lack of water.

Students at UNZA are already making noise and have since abandoned lessons following the death of a female Student from a suspected typhoid case.

The uncertainty has sent panic among Great East road users as it likely that,students may resort to blocking of the roads.

Typhoid is a disease that is believed to be caused by dirty surroundings or by unclean drinking water.
There has been reported problems as well as poor sewer systems at the University of Zambia with PF government paying no attention to ending the water blues.

Most of the students at UNZA are government sponsored through bursaries but the bankrupt PF government has not been remitting the money to the institution.

At another government institution in Kabwe’s Mulungushi University, management were forced to close the institution yesterday in the middle of the semester because of lack of water.

All the students have been told to go home and only report on 1st December for examinations, meaning they will be forced to study from their homes.

As a fierce opposition lier and conman for votes, president Michael Sata had promised to sort out all these problems within 90 days, leading to the majority of youths especially students to give him a massive vote.

But in government, even those that will be graduating in the next three years will not be guaranteed of jobs as Sata and his PF regime have imposed an employment freeze due to a bankrupt economy and massive budget overrun.

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