UNZA student protesters storm Malupenga’s office

A group of UNZA students wednesday afternoon matched to Government Complex, housing the Ministry of Information demanding to see Information and Broadcasting PS, Amos Malupenga over the restricted coverage of their radio station, UNZA FM.

The students stormed the government building with placards denouncing Mr. Malupenga and his PF government for infringing in their freedoms.

But Malupenga accused students of lacking understanding on issues and wondered what their noise was all about because to him, the issue was technical rather than political.

Earlier during protests at UNZA, the students accused the PF government of hypocrisy because they never saw anything wrong in using UNZA radio for their political campaigns when they were in opposition and actually promised to allow radio stations with capacity to expand coverage anywhere.

Malupenga, a former Managing Editor of the now ruling PF compromised Post newspaper, has been issuing anti-media freedom statements of late including urging ZICTA to come up with legislation to regulate internet usage and closing some websites.

During its vibrant years, the Post newspaper won several awards for championing voice of the voiceless amidst hostile governments.

But Malupenga who run away from the Post newspaper that was constantly being harassed has now turned against media freedoms by urging journalists to censor some politicians who he claimed were merely headline seekers.

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