Unza students call govt spokesperson ‘bitch’

Unza students call govt spokesperson ‘bitch’

Unza students today insulted minister of information Dora Siliya calling her a Congolese prostitute.
This was when Siliya ventured at the funeral house of the student who was suffocated to death by police teargas.

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  • comment-avatar
    Marvi mwele 1 week ago

    Mmm that was hush! Cool though!

  • comment-avatar
    XXXX 1 week ago

    Is this the calibre to appoint as yougovernment spokesperson?

  • comment-avatar
    John Besa 1 week ago

    She is a bitch with her Congolese boyfriend mubalama, Che should not even hold this position of Government spokeswoman. Wafiko sana.

  • comment-avatar
    DORA 1 week ago

    kikiki ninajaila no problem kaili that’s me so what kikikikiki but i’ve lost value kikiki