UNZA students forcefully remove George Chellar’s chola boy Sunday Chanda from live radio interview

UNZA students forcefully remove George Chellar’s chola boy Sunday Chanda from live radio interview


Sunday Chanda

Uncompromising University of Zambia (UNZA) students this morning forcefully removed George Chellar’s agent and PF cadre Sunday Chanda when they stormed a UNZA radio live interview where he featured and as usual started to praise his paymasters the PF government.

Mr. Chanda, who is just a conman and common thief in Lusaka, is a typical PF cadre who normally masquerades under some nonentity State House and PF Non-Government Individual (NGI) called  Open Society Foundation (OSF) which he runs with State House press aid George Chellar where is he gave himself the title as Executive Director.

In 2011 elections, he was MMD candidate in Kanchibiya constituency and later conned Felix Mutati by pretending to be campaigning for him as MMD president but after the project failed, he resigned from MMD and together with Chellar formed an NGI.

Since then, he has been a regular feature on most government owned, but PF media houses (ZNBC PF, Times of PF and Daily PF), where he is called by any idle journalist who has no news to comment on any issue from mining, aircrafts, prostitution, ice-hockey sports, and even giving exact dates on when Jesus Christ will come from heaven.

But this morning, he was not so lack as alert students pounced on him while trying to yap in the studio giving PF policy positions that even president Michael Sata himself has failed to give or address the nation.

The radio programme could not even continue as the students have always known him to be a State House and PF conman who survives on always issuing ridiculous pro-regime statements.

The students later attempted to drag him to monk square where they wanted him to address them physically and put his stupidity and ignorance on public display but was saved by some police officers who are monitoring the potential riots at the institution due to increase on most commodities in Zambia.

Chanda the thief and conman normally delivers statements signed by him to the media but written by whoever  has some pocket change in the PF government and thats how he has so far been surviving.

But he directly reports to president Michael Sata’s voicemail George Chellar.

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