UNZA students riot over kambwili

University of Zambia students Tuesday evening ran battles with the police over Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili’s challenge that they shouldn’t dare him to take over the Commonwealth Youth centre. Police were forced to divert traffic from the great East Road

In his bully and strong language, dull Kambwili on tuesday afternoon warned UNZA students not to dare him over the take-over of the former Commonwealth Youth Centre situated within UNZA grounds.

Kambwili promised to ruthlessly sort out the students saying he was a man of no nonsense.

“If they have threatened other ministers before, they cannot threatened me. I don’t tolerate nonsense from young boys and girls. That facility belongs the the Ministry of Youth and Sports. UNZA students are not the only youths. I will sort them out,” Kambwili who has just gotten a fake degree from a little known university on the Copperbelt, dared the students.

So far Kambwili has put his personal friend Xavier Chishimba to be operating from the UNZA premises as the National Youth Development Council Chairman and offered him all the facilities, including allowances, full-time salary, and personal to holder vehicle plus free accommodation.

But in his usual dull and shallow understanding of things, Kambwili doesn’t know that the memorandum of understanding that was signed many years ago gives powers to the university to take-over that property after the expiry of the lease period.

That’s why the facility was built on the University of Zambia land.

It is just like the new business complex that is being built inside the UNZA land along Great East Road, where UNZA will assume ownership of the property after an agreed period of time.

For Kambwili, anything that has the word ‘youth’ in it belongs to his ministry.

This is the same Kambwili who named the newly built stadium in Lusaka as the Gabon Disaster Heroes Stadium until people protested.

And this is the same character who wants to succeed ailing dictator Michael Sata as president.

In a normal country, the likes of Kambwili cannot even be elected as a Section Chairman in the village, or even among fellow idiots.

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