UNZA students to meet today at 10 hours

UNZA students are today expected to meet at 10 hours to chat the way forward after last night’ short-lived riot.

Last night students blocked Great East Road by burning tires on it while riot police lay in ambush waiting for instructions to pounce.

A police officer, who identified himself as an “inspector”, spent not less than an hour trying to negotiate with students to go back into campus.

He indicated to students that if they refused to go back he would call the police officers to come and act.

The police were hiding nearby.

The police officer referred to the situation as “the situation at Da4”.

But the students referred to it as a mini viva or the introduction of bigger events.

UNZASU says there is no need to convene today since a message has been sent to the government through the media houses which went  to the scene last night.

But students are adamant that they will meet and match to media houses to air their grievances.

Last night, the students demanded that ZNBC should film them and show the whole nation.

The students derided reporters and camera men from the Post newspapers as they openly laughed at them and accused them of being part of the PF.

The Post newspaper crew arrived at the scene at around 22 and the students were heard saying “aba niba shushushu” meaning these work for the Intelligence commonly called OP.

Others shouted at them saying these are PF cadres.

One student was heard telling a photo journalist that if you write against president Sata, Fred M’membe will fire you. The journalist just smiled without denying the words from the irate but  mocking student.

MUVI TV crew brought jubilation to the demonstrating students as they came to cover the “Mini VIVA” however they still demanded ZNBC to come.

ZNBC was nowhere to be seen as the only reliable camera was assigned to cover the arrival of president Sata from Brazil.

The students had demanded to the police officer on the scene that they will only go back inside campus after talking to reporters.

So after the Muvi and Mobi TV crews filmed them, they agreed to go back.

When the students went back, the police officers who were laying in ambush came out and started putting off the fire from the road.

UNZASU president Ali Tunkara was later seen joining the police officers in quenching the fire. He is believed to have joined the senior police officer to ZNBC to issue a statement.

Many students are geared for today’s 10:00hours meeting which many students will attend. It is likely that UNZASU leadership will appeal to students to remain calm as they were heard saying “We needed media coverage and we think we have been covered enough.

Today’s meeting is meant to march to media houses according to the program released yesterday by UNZASU publicity secretary, Thelma Zimba.

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