UNZA students to protest against Elearning

We, affected non-final year students at The university of zambia, today ( Wednesday 8th July) have an online peaceful protest against E-learning. The protest is aimed at us (unza students) expressing our grievance against Electronic learning.
Why protest??
1. we dont have money for bundles to learn online.
2. some courses are not being taught online.
3. some students dont have electronic gadgets to access E-learning.
4. some students are not registered, hence they cannot access moodle.
5. some students come from rural areas with terrible network.
6. Loadshedding.
7. Too much disturbance at home. Students especially girls are told to attend to house chores thereby having less time to study.
8. its hard to upload assignments and also write tests/quizzes on moodle.
9. Most students are full time students, hence need to be in school to access the library, wifi, and other school facilities.
10. We dont want to be half baked students
Abash E. Learning we want to open school.. (peaceful protest)

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