UNZA workers not yet paid for Feb


By Ishmael M Kaunda

It makes sad reading, that, up to now lecturers and other University of Zambia workers have not been paid their February salaries due to gross incompetence from government and UNZA management.

Where does UNZA management channel the resources that they collect if they can not even pay lectures and other workers?? Where is the money channelled to, that is approved and allocated to the Ministry of Higher Education???

Abolishing allowances and chasing students who don’t pay tuition fees, you’re in the forefront, but when it comes to responsibility you’re nowhere to be seen! Why?? UNZA management says its beyond their responsibility alone, so whose responsibility is it if not the Ministry of Higher Education??

Prof Luo, please up your game now or resign on moral ground together with the University of Zambia Management, because that’s not only incompetence, but failure to manage resources at the highest learning institution and the Ministry of Higher Education in particular.

Please resign now….. you have failed, ever since you came to the Higher Education Ministry, nothing tangible or beneficial has been seen, except you scandalizing students! They are tired of your fake and non profitable services!!
The students are now missing classes due to incompetence and failure from government and UNZA management to pay the lectures and workers, who have apparently stopped giving their services until they are paid their February dues!

Leave now!!


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