UNZASU’ double standards on Chief Justice Sakala

2012 Graduating Student.    

The behavior of University of Zambia Student’s Union (UNZASU) “Executive” in particular, can be described as “an ever drunkard father who wants to kill his children for becoming drunkards like him. With reference to the Post Newspaper of 29th May, 2012, UNZASU through the Secretary General, Mr. Sishekanu Mwauluka, distances itself from Justice Sakala petitioners and calls those who purported to be UNZA students as “impersonators”.

Mwauluka further went on saying that “investigations have since been instituted to establish the authenticity if this claim and who ever will be found wanting will face the law to the latter. We strongly warn the would-be impersonators to desist from using the name of UNZA and we shall not hesitate to invoke the law should they be found wanting.” Stated Mwauluka.

First and foremost, I call this as double standards on the part of UNZASU. UNZASU was in fact the first voice to be heard calling for Sakala’s resignation. How do they today, turn the tables to wish to punish students who want to follow their steps? Mwauluka is calling for students to stop using UNZA name, the question I have for him and the union is that, which name did they used when he himself made those statements on Sakala’s resignation without consulting the student’s populace?
Was it not UNZA? Is he (Mwauluka) the only UNZA student allowed to use the name of UNZA even when making un-consulted remarks over issues he doesn’t understand fully? Mwauluka is not in order to call any one following his footsteps for Sakala’s resignation as “impersonators. Infact, Mwauluka himself is the number one impersonator in this case. Mwauluka says those found wanting will face the law. Which law? If that’s the case then he should be the first to face the law.
If any “UNZA student is to be punished by Mwauluka for calling for Sakala’s resignation then Mwauluka should be the first one to punish himself by resigning from his position as UNZASU Secretary General. If this is what it means to fight corruption by UNZASU by having double standards then UNZASU has no capacity and caliber to join the fight.
I wish to warn Mwauluka and the union that this kind of leadership can never be tolerated. We dare him to invoke the law and we the students shall also invoke the law (you know what I mean). You cant insight a fight and then you want to come out clean after realizing that you made a mistake.” ukusambila abanenu takwawama.
We have a lot of challenges as a University but everytime you see UNZASU in the post, then you even know they are talking about Sakala. When students are sleeping like prisoners in the “chimbokaila” hostels, washing plates next to the toilets, standing during lecture hours, and all UNZASU can say is “Sakala this, Sakala that”. This is a timely warning to UNZASU. Don’t play with us; we are not pupils from a community school. Can you change or else!

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