Unzasu president in trouble over K70m bribe from PF

Unzasu president in trouble over K70m bribe from PF

University of Zambia Students Union (UNZASU) president is in trouble over the K70 million bribe he received from the PF government.

According to students in UNZASU, Ali Tankura was given K70 million by PF secretary General Wynter Kabimba to issue a statement supporting Sata’ suspension of judges.

Tankura was supposed to share the plunder with his colleagues but he only gave them ‘change’ prompting an in fighting which is raging.

Some of the student leaders have said Tankura will be impeached for issuing statements contrary to what most students believe in.

A number of law student have accused Tankura, who is studying education, of issuing statement of legal issues he does not understand.

Last week UNZASU President Ali Tunkara issued a statement claiming that  the appointment of justice Lovemore Chikopa of Malwi to head a tribunal would promote transparency and accountability in the investigations.
“If the trio is clean why cry foul? We believe that if they are innocent, justice is going to liberate them,” Tunkara said.
The student leader added, “As a student body, we want transparency. The Malawian judge is neutral and he will favour no-one…not even the President himself,” he said.
He said the judiciary in Zambia has a history of favouring certain individuals, which action has compromised the integrity of the institution.
Mr Tunkara said the authorities have a duty to uphold and defend the interests of the majority, adding that the people criticising Mr Sata’s action must stop.
He said the suspension of the judges was a progressive move, adding that the student movement supports the suspensions, which should be supported by all Zambians, adding that the judiciary should be cleansed of corruption for the greater good.
Mr Tunkara said it was time to bring sanity in the judiciary.
He said the fight against corruption should be extended to non-political bodies, adding that UNZASU wants to promote zero tolerance to corruption to defend the future of Zambia.
He said UNZASU would also engage Government in constructive dialogue over various issues, including the draft constitution which the union is scrutinising.

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