UNZASU upset with PF for firing 150 youths

The University of Zambia Students Union (UNZASU) has asked the PF government to explain why it fired more than 150 youths in Western province.

UNZASU secretary general Sangukani Tembo says  ‘it is very shocking on our part to hear that our government has indiscriminately fired our people without reasonable cause’.

Tembo said the firing of youths is against the promises the Patriotic Front made to the Zambian people especially the youth.
‘Instead of creating more jobs, the government has begun a crusade to send the citizens into the streets.

‘If indeed it is true that our brothers and sisters in Western province have been fired because government over employed, we demand that government should create vacancies within the civil service.

Not doing so would mean condemning the youths into perpetual poverty and the youth will react in due course bearing in mind that the youth today in society are facing numerous challenges that need serious attention,’ Tembo said.

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