Up, up goes meali meal prices in Luanshya

Mealie-meal prices in Luanshya have been hiked by between K59.00 and K67.00 percent from the previous K50.00
A check by the Watchdog today, found that some retailers in Mikomfwa township and part of Mpatamato  had hiked the price of the essential commodity.
“We have decided to hike the price because, we have no optional because government has already announced that the fuel of price has been hiked,” said one the shop owners Kelvin Mambwe.
Mr Mambwe said most of the shop owners are likely to hike the price of mealie- meal which  is the staple food for Zambia.
Meanwhile, many Luanshya residents have resorted to eating sweat potatoes, in place of nshima which is made out of mealie-meal.
And the Watchdog has learnt that a gallon of maize is being sold at K5.00  which is an option for those who cannot afford a 25KG bag of mealie-meal.

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