UPND a force to reckon with – FDD

UPND is a force to reckon with, says Luapula Province FDD chairman Joseph Malamba.

And Malamba says it’s not time for the opposition to attack each other because their only enemy is the PF.

In an interview yesterday, Malamba said the enemy of the people at the moment was the PF which the opposition was supposed to unseat in this year’s polls.

“This is not the time for the opposition to attack each other; there is no need of attacking each other because our enemy is not the opposition; it is not Hichilema, it’s not Nawakwi, the enemy is PF, which we want to unseat in August. What is very important is to put food on people’s tables other than wasting time on attacking each other,” he said.

“All the stakeholders in the opposition should speak the same language of redeeming this nation. Come August 11, there has to be unity of purpose and ensure that PF and their barbaric behaviour must be removed from government. So we should not waste time attacking each other.”
Malamba said the opposition UPND was currently the force to reckon with in removing the PF from power.

“Right now, I am calling upon the opposition political parties to stop attacking each other. I know we are selling ourselves but we should not weaken the opposition. I am totally against our political leaders attacking one another,” he said.

“…I am not undermining my leadership in FDD, but I am saying right now, UPND is a force to reckon with; it’s a factor. They are really on the ground and if anything, why can’t all opposition political parties push together and come together as an alliance because we know that Hakainde is quite strong even here in Luapula Province he has a lot of support than the PF. So, why should we start fighting each other? Let us resist being bought by PF. I know the PF are very good at buying the opposition and they want to destabilise the opposition.”

He further expressed confidence in the possibility of the opposition unseating the Patriot Front in this year’s polls.

“PF is going, come rain, come sunshine, these guys are going because of the sufferings Zambians are going through which have been brought by the PF government,” he said.

“What I am saying is that the opposition should stop this behaviour of Nawakwi attacking HH; HH attacking Kabimba; Kabimba attacking Chipimo; and Chipimo attacking Eric Chanda; Eric Chanda attacking Miles Sampa. We don’t want that; all we want are all opposition political parties to embrace each other and move together,” said Malamba


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