UPND advised to defend themselves

UPND advised to defend themselves

UPND Lusaka Province Chairman Obvious Mwaliteta has told the people across the country including UPND members to defend themselves when attacked by unruly PF cadres.

Mwaliteta says citizens have no choice but to hit back when attacked by uncouth PF thugs across the country.

He says no UPND member must watch a fellow citizen being attacked without offering a rescue hand.

“The issue is that when attacked by these clueless PF thugs, attack back and with full force, don’t be merciful to them, these are criminals and I know them too well but as UPND we are equal to the task, let’s defend the people’s votes and choice of political parties, I know professional men and women in uniforms are not part of the PF thugs but those you see to be unleashing guns, tear gas and all missiles, just know that they are PF thugs and once they attack you, attack back in self defence, “said Mwaliteta.

And Mwaliteta says self defence is a constitutional right that every citizen has and must be applied with the deserving force when in danger.

“When dealing with criminals, don’t go with a bible, they will kill you but here is my order; when they come to attack you, attack back in self defence and don’t move alone, move in groups, this is no longer a kids play but tit for tat, as your leaders, we will go round the country and no one should stand in our way because you risk being crushed like tomatoes, “charged angry Mwaliteta.

“We know these PF boys, we are 10 times stronger and this time around it’s people power, our power, our land and Zambia and Zambians first not PF, kwasila bane, tiye nabo,” added Mwaliteta.

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