UPND allows MPs to attend National Dialogue Forum


The UPND has told its MPs to attend the PF National Dialogue Forum if they wish, the Watchdog understands.

According to latest information, the UPND says no MP will be punished for attending the forum.

The UPND itself however remains opposed to the forum as its main aim is to block UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema from standing as presidential candidate in 2021.

During the Forum, delegates will discuss Constitutional amendments, the Public Order Act, electoral process and MOST IMPORTANTLY ‘the Political Parties Bill’.

The political parties bill is the main agenda and whole purpose of the forum. It is reason why PF is buying delegates including NGOa. So far the only group the PF has failed to buy is the main church. Everybody else has succumbed to Satan.

The plan is this , PF will pretend to agree to reform the public order Act and the electoral process. But, in the political parties bill, they will insert a clause that blocks any person from contesting the presidency if that person has contested twice before and lost .

One might argue that such a law will not affect HH because the law does not operate retrospectively (backwards) . But then ask yourself, who interprets the law in Zambia? Is it not those PF cadres at the constitutional Court?

They can say anything in favor of PF just like they have done before.

The deliberations of the so called National Dialogue Forum will be taken to parliament by Given Lubinda to be enacted into law

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