UPND and casual approach to by-elections

What happened in KapirirI mposhi and Lukulu west the other days shows how ready this country is for a revolution. It shows how the people across the country are dissatisfied with the stone-age politics of the PF.

It also shows that despite rigging, the people’s will can at times prevail, and that it will prevail. But most significant, it shows that without rigging, the PF cannot win elections anywhere in Zambia. Soon, we shall be vindicated.

The PF sweated to win Kapiri despite investing in massive propaganda, threats, intimidation and open voter buying. At the end of the day, they ‘won’ with a slender margin against an opposition with little logistics. In Lukulu the PF was roundly and convincingly rejected despite the same tools of intimidation been employed there.

But it is the UPND that surprises us. The UPND seems to be a very naïve and dormant party. The UPND does not seem to realize the level of good will it currently enjoys from the general populace. That, after a sustained campaign of hate by the Post newspaper and government media, the UPND could record such wonderful results in Kapiri and actually win Lukulu should tell them something.

It shows clearly that, despite the general poverty and humility, Zambians are much more sophisticated than M’embe and his fellow psychos think.

Zambians know that the people who push hate against the opposition are doing so to protect their interests.

But the UPND does not seem to realize that. They appear to be doing things halfheartedly. They appear defeated. How could the UPND disappoint the people of Kapiri like that? Kapiri voted for UPND overwhelmingly. But the UPND failed to defend the people’s choice. UPND went to sleep at the most critical moment. UPND, in its often casual way started counting chickens before they were hatched. They forgot that when you are dealing with criminal elements like those in PF, you must be vigilant 24 hours.

But the UPND went to slumber. And like expected, the PF stole the vote. The UPND needs to work on this weakness. The top UPND leadership is useless. It needs to be replaced urgently with fresh blood if the party is to benefit from the current goodwill. Things change and in politics they change fast.

We are surprised that in some stations, the UPND had no representative and where they had, those goons were dozing by 22 hours? How can you doze when you are competing with thugs in PF?

UPND has seriously disappointed Kapiri. They voted for you but you are not worthy.

UPND officials and general membership should not have slept that day. But if you love sleeping so much, the best you could have done was to ask the people of Kapiri to guard their vote. Those people take their votes seriously and they would have stood vigil the whole night just to make sure the votes reflected their will. It did not. The vote reflected the will of the PF not voters.

The UPND should petition all the elections that the PF has stolen starting from Mpongwe to Kapiri. This is expensive but that is the only way to ensure that democracy triumphs. The UPND need to put in place a fundraising committee to specifically mobilise resources for by-elections. They should never be caught unaware since these by-elections will be happening almost every quarter.

If a deplorable and discredited regime like PF can manage to get funding from abroad, a credible opposition can get funding from donors.

But the UPND does not seem to be strategic. All it takes is to train 200 special agents to monitor elections wherever they occur. After messing Kapiri,  lets hope you will be ready fro Feira….

The PF is a failed project held together by force and corruption. The regime is failing to deliver anything tangible. All they are doing is borrowing and making promises while there is no meallie meal in the country. The PF cannot win  genuine elections anywhere in Zambia; not even in Mpika where president Michael Sata claims to hail from.

How and why should starving masses vote for the person who is responsible for their daily toils just because he says he was born there? No, all it requires is for the opposition to sit down and come up with a campaign strategy and everyone will come along.

It is not even a complicated strategy. Just talk to the people and tell them why their country is in such a mess and explain to them what needs to be done.

Don’t tell lies like the children of Satan do. say the truth all the time.

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