UPND apologises to CAF

UPND apologises to CAF

img_1832On behalf of our country, we wish to sincerely apologise to FIFA, CAF, and FAZ on the thuggery behaviour exhibited by Mr Edgar Lungu’s Special Assistant for Politics, Kaizer Zulu during the presentation of the awards at Heroes Stadium on Sunday following Zambia victory at the under 20 African Cup of Nations tournament.

To all the dignitaries that attended the event together with the many fans from Zambia and abroad, we are really sorry for such conduct which was very unfortunate and unZambian as it only exists inside State House and among the unruly PF thugs.

Zambians have been known to be welcoming, peace-loving and hospitable people for years now but PF thugs like Kaizer Zulu are working tirelessly to turn Zambia into a non welcoming state.

However, for us living in Zambia, what you saw from the senior State House Official is just a tip of what the majority of the population has been going through under Mr Edgar Lungu who has tolerated such thuggery right from a supposedly dignified office.

And we can guarantee FIFA, CAF, FAZ and the country that Lungu will not take any action against Kaizer Zulu despite such a high level public embarrassment and nuisance behaviour.

The conduct exhibited by Kaizer Zulu is just a snippet of what has been happening because that is exactly how they work and have been living since the time they forcefully pushed themselves into State House against the will of the Zambian people.

As UPND, we would like to commend you for giving us an opportunity to host such a high level tournament and we hope you can ignore the thuggery from State House and give us a chance to host many other tournaments in future including the senior AFCON, and others.

To Kaizer Zulu, we order you to keep your thuggery inside State House and within your own PF leadership circles as opposed to exhibiting such public nuisance to the international community which eventually puts our country on the spotlight for your unwarranted behavior.

Though typical of PF cadres, Kaizer Zulu should have applied simple knowledge that AFCON was not a PF event nor was it an opposition party event where you can easily send thugs for confusion and nothing happens to them.

Therefore, we want to strongly condemn Kaizer Zulu for his thuggery conduct at Heroes and that he must know his boundaries and stop such behavior.

Citizens should now know that Mr Edgar Lungu has a thug as his Special Advisor for Politics in State House, who must be held accountable for all kinds of violence in the country.

Lastly, we once more thank God as no major incidents happened during the event other than the PF teargas and Kaizer Zulu’s thuggery behaviour of assaulting CAF officials while his master, Mr Edgar Lungu looked on.

Stephen Katuka

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