UPND asks Lungu to resign immediately




In Bemba we say ‘Isabi kubola litampila kumutwe’ meaning a fish starts rotting from the head.

The nation has lately been treated to a menu of admittance and revelations of stealing public resources by those entrusted to safeguard it. The explosive and damning exposés have come from very senior serving PF government officials as well as from their own cadres.

It is once more commendable that majority of those who served or are still serving in PF leadership at various levels are openly coming out and speaking the same language we have been saying all along.

With these revelations of looting public resources, it has become clear that there will be no end to it and the accusing finger points squarely to the captain of the ship who is Mr. Edgar Lungu himself.

As UPND, we are now left with no option but to rally the masses and call for the resignation of Mr. Lungu himself and pave way for a thorough and independent investigation on these issues.

There will be no constitutional crisis that can be created even if Mr. Lungu was to resign or be impeached as the Republican Vice-president Madam Inonge Wina will immediately assume office of President.

As can be seen, the call for Mr. Edgar Lungu to resign does not in any way advantage the UPND in terms of taking over power under the current arrangement where the running mate who is the Vice-president takes over without an election.

And this call is not even misplaced as it has been done in many countries including in Africa.

We believe there should be nothing to fear for Mr. Lungu to resign and pave way for a thorough and independent forensic investigation of his administration so that his name can be cleared if he is clean.

And we hope all well-meaning citizens will rally behind this call and support us regardless of our political affiliations so that our nation can be cleaned and start afresh.

We therefore call on parliament to invoke the necessary provisions to start impeachment proceedings against Mr. Lungu. Our advice, however,  is for Lungu to resign on moral and incompetence grounds. If all else fails he will be impeached by a population who says enough is enough!

Patrick Mucheleka

UPND Deputy Secretary General

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