UPND asks DEC to investigate PF for money laundering

UPND asks DEC to investigate PF for money laundering

We have noted with great concerns, several incidences where PF leaders including, mere cadres, are carrying and flaunting huge stacks of cash in public, while others are showing off huge properties and mansions they suddenly own.

All this is at a time when the large majority of our citizens are heavily distressed by the collapsed economy where they are hardly surviving.

In the first place, we believe there is something wrong with people keeping huge sums of money in their homes instead of the banking system as that distorts financial markets.

Secondly, it would be of interest if other citizens knew the kind of successful businesses that the PF leaders, especially the Ministers such as Bowman Lusambo, are doing because they have no traceable history of having run successful businesses before they got into government.

In the latest video involving Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo dishing out money at some market in Kabushi Constituency on the Copperbelt, he clearly mentions that the money was given by President Edgar Lungu.

Even at the height of the much talked about late President Frederick Chiluba’s alleged involvement in corruption, we never saw ministers and cadres flaunting huge stucks of cash in public like we are seeing with the PF leaders and cadres.

The only time the nation was treated to shock news of huge cash being kept in private residence was when law enforcement agencies busted money from former MMD Labour Minister Austin Liato.

But under the PF government, it has now become a new normal where ministers and cadres flaunting huge amounts of money and properties in public, making us wonder where they are getting it from. Isn’t a small wonder that there’s hyperinflation right now in the country with so much unaccounted for money?

Even worse, these leaders are flaunting money at a time the nation is treated to daily financial scandals as revealed by various government financial reports such as the Auditor General’s reports.

We know the challenges that law enforcement agencies such as the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and Anti-Corruption Commission are going through, but surely they should have the nerve to investigate where these PF leaders are suddenly getting this money for dishing out in public instead of the banking system.

*Patrick Mucheleka*
*UPND Deputy Secretary General*

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