UPND: beware of Lungu’s 2021 tactics

UPND: beware of Lungu’s 2021 tactics


UPND beware of Lungu’s 2021 Strategy

Editor, please hide my ID. As the country prepares for the 2021 elections, the opposite should draw important lessons from the 2015, 2016 and recent results from Mangango and Kaoma. PF knows it has lost the support of the people and it only has four main ways of remaining in power.

No 1. To continue denying the opposition space to campaign, and buying off opposition candidates. This operation continues to be masterminded by one Kaiser Zulu backed by Valden Findley whose mafia cronies have held Lungu hostage.

No 2. To continue the rigging of elections through stuffed ballots that appear mysteriously at ballot centers.

No 3. To increase funding to the defence forces since, these shall be used to quell dissent from the Zambians after the elections are rigged. It is for this reason that PF has allocated ghost money in the 2020 budget. This is meant to avoid a Zimbabwe kind of regime change taking place in Zambia.

No 4. To continue promoting violence and a gun culture amongst PF cadres, so as to intimidate the opposition. Between now and 2021, we shall see many deaths amongst the opposition caused by gun trotting cadres.

The only thing PF can’t rig is the will of the people. If PF forces its way after 2021, that will be the end of thd country economically. Things will get so bad, once the west turns the screws on the economy that the leaders will have no choice but to flee since they would be able to contain the anger of masses once inflation rises to 50 percent, fuel stocks run out, the country defaults on the euro bond payments, public servants will go for 4 months without being paid and power outages will last weeks.

Zambia will indeed need God’s intervention.

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