UPND blames Zampost problems on PF, mismanagement

UPND chairman of labour Percy Chanda says the deepening financial problems facing Zampost is due to PF’s failed leadership which has led to many job losses following a long period of workers being denied salary increment.

Chanda said the sad development confirms that the PF government is broke and cannot meet routine expenses in spite of heavy borrowing against future generation, and that gross mismanagement by top management who have been employed on political patronage and nepotism instead of skill and merit. His comments come after massive job losses after the company closed its bureaus countrywide. He added that there was no hope for the company under PF government.

“Unfortunately there is little hope of improving the situation under this PF Government. Without good leadership at the top setting the right example and holding those to account who don’t meet the standard, mismanagement will continue. It will continue as long as transparency and openness are only a dream, and appointments at the top are made on the basis of political patronage and nepotism, rather than skill and merit,” reads his statement in part.

He said UPND will reverse the PF’s poor management and ensure that entities such as Zampost grow and create more jobs.




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