UPND blocks Kabwe council from demolishing houses

UPND central province youth Chairman Milner Mwanakampwe has warned the Kabwe municipal council not to demolish people’s houses in Aerodrum and Lukanga residential areas because the affected people had paid development charges to the council.

Mwanakampwe says the council officers know who the corrupt councilors and RDC officials who were allocating these plots to people and that people went to the council to pay all the relevant charges. He charged that it was silly for the council to now turn around and claim that the plots were illegal after accepting development charges.

He advised that if a corrective measure is to be made, the council must handover to the police, all the councilors whose names have been mentioned in the land saga instead of inconveniencing innocent citizens who were surviving on one dollar per day. Mayor Richard Bango who is PF councilor for Ngungu ward and other PF councilors were recently named in the illegal land allocation report.

“This illegal land nonsense at the council is getting out of order, security wings carried out an investigation and identified the errant councilors, some of whom were even arrested by police but were only served after political interference. The developers paid some charges and the council was watching them build until completion just to turn around and say they are illegal plots, UPND will not tolerate these narrow motives and we will defend the people from this vulture PF,” charged Mwanakampwe who also promised to have a meeting with the more than 1,000 affected households.

The local authority has issued a seven day ultimatum to the residents of the respective areas to go to the civic centre to verify plot ownership but some residents have told the Watchdog that they will not comply with the order. Sources at the council also told the Watchdog that only less than 20 people have responded from the time the advert was placed last week.

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