UPND cadre thrown in jail for greeting Cosmo Mumba

One UPND cadre has been thrown into jail after exchanging words with Cosmo Mumba in Chilanga area.

Brian Mulenga met his fate Wednesday evening when he and four other UPND supporters came across Cosmo Mumba in Chilanga.

The four UPND supporters were in a Nissan Hard Body while Mumba , his bodyguard and driver were in a different vehicle but  going in the same direction. At a point where there was congestion in traffic, one of the UPND cadres recognized Mumba and greeted him.

Mumba responded by insulting the UPND cadres and their president Hakainde Hichilema. The cadres asked why he was insulting HH. But Mumba decided to call the police at nearby castle police station. At the station, Mumba twisted the statement and told the police that these are the same cadres who beat him in Katuba during the by-election. He told the police that the cadres threatened to kill him.

But constable Mwalongo decided to just lock up one cadre, the one who greeted Mumba.
The incident happened around 19 hoursin Kafue road towards Pick n Pay before Chawama turn off.

It is not clear yet what offence Mulenga has been charged with.

Mumba promised arresting officer constable Mwalongo that he will ask President Michael Sata to promote him. He told the police officer that he has made other officers get promoted after recommending them to Sata.

As he was leaving the police station, Mumba told the UPND cadres that HH will never be president.

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