UPND cadres effect citizens arrest on PF thugs terrorizing travellers at Inter-City Bus terminal

A ‘battalion’ of UPND cadres this afternoon stormed Lusaka’s Inter-City Bus terminus and effected a citizens arrest on some PF thugs that have been terrorizing travellers wearing opposition party regalia.

A number of UPND cadres were yesterday beaten by some known people thugs and despite the presence of the police at Inter-City and reporting the matter at Central Police, the police were powerless and did nothing.

But the UPND cadres this afternoon mobilized themselves and apprehended several thugs including their ringleader only known as Commander and took them to Central police where they have been formally detained.

The arrest went without any fight and the UPND members have warned that they would continue effecting citizens arrests as long as the police do nothing to protect their members and property.

So far, a number of UPND billboards, posters, and other campaign materials have been destroyed by some known PF thugs in various parts of the country and police have done nothing despite reporting the matter.



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