UPND cadres force ECZ to open suspicious trucks

UPND cadres force ECZ to open suspicious trucks

UPND supporters in Livingstone have forced the Electoral Commission of Zambia to open trucks suspected of carrying extra ballot papers.

The trucks passed through Katima Mulilo border of Namibia without being checked on the Zambian side raising alarm within UPND.

But this morning UPND supporters in Livingstone detained the trucks and forced the ECZ and police to open them. They found nothing in the trucks.

But then, the trucks were driven almost the whole night from Katima to Livingstone and the ECZ knew that UPND cadres were waiting for them in Livingstone. If you were the ECZ, what would you do at night? There are several police camps between Katima and Livingstone and whatever material the trucks were carrying could have been offloaded at one camp to be picked using other vehicles later, when the situation ‘calms’ in Livingstone. Those trucks UPND members were searching could be decoys. In fact we hear other trucks have not reached Livingstone.
Advice to UPND members: be very alert, don’t be discouraged or cheated by the first three empty trucks. Check all of them and all other big vehicles from the border, do that day and now night. The PF is desperate and dangerous. Don’t trust anyone from ECZ.

Why did they refuse to have the trucks checked in Katima but decide to ‘cooperate’ in Livingstone after driving dozens of kilometres alone at night?



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