UPND cadres heartbroken over Mufumbwe as Muzungu ponders standing as independent

UPND cadres heartbroken over Mufumbwe as Muzungu ponders standing as independent

After being disappointed by the UPND, former ambassador to Libya Mulonde Muzonga is pondering to stand as independent candidate in the Mufumbwe Parliamentary bye-election.

Mulondwe Muzungu

Meanwhile, there was jubilation in the PF camps in Mufumbwe on Friday evening after learning that the UPND will not be contesting.

And scores of heartbroken UPND supporters who had moved into Mufumbwe ahead of next month’s bye-election have withdrawn after learning that their leaders in Lusaka have decided not to feature a candidate.

The UPND last Friday afternoon resolved not to field a candidate in the Mufumbwe parliamentary by-election but instead decided to let the MMD put forward a candidate as way of friendship.

But the decision by the top leadership has not gone well with the rank and file who have accused the leadership of giving away Mufumbwe to the ruling PF.

The cadres feel that the decision to back MMD would have been viable if the MMD had a ‘winnable’ candidate.

The UPND members in the constituency and those who had volunteered to use personal resources from Lusaka to go and campaign in the rural constituency have also refused to campaign for the MMD candidate saying he is just as useless as Steven Masumba and cannot win.

And the UPND preferred candidate Mulondwe Muzungu is currently considering the advice by UPND supporters to stand as an independent.

The Watchdog is reliably informed that almost all the UPND and some MMD members in the constituency have vowed to campaign for Muzungu if he stands.

UPND members in the area believe that supporting Muzungu is the only way to prevent an unpopular party like PF from taking advantage of the wrong decisions from UPND secretariat to gain a seat in a province dominated by the opposition.

The PF has no MP in North-western province but has been poaching members from MMD and making them deputy ministers since cabinet ministerial positions are reserved for president Michael Sata’s family.

One upset voter in Mufumbwe wrote the following to the Watchdog:
The one year of PF governance can be likened to the suffering of the people of Israel passed through between Egypt and the Red Sea .

The bye election that has been created should have been a chance for the people of Mufumbwe to air their views through a vote on the 8th of November 2012.

While recognising and appreciating what MMD and UPND alliance is doing to strengthen the opposition, The alliance should have come to Mufumbwe with both Stafford Mulusa (MMD candidate)and Mulondwe Muzungu to the people so that the people endorse their support on any of the two.

Claims by MMD that UPND was given the previous seats does not matter with Mufumbwe people.

MMD is divided here in Mufumbwe , People have suffered in selling their maize ,therefore we want a strong candidate who is Muzungu

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