UPND can consult witchdoctors from RSA and Zim, they cant win elections- Kabimba

PF (now popularly known as People’s Faults) Secretary General Wynter Kabimba’s obsession with witchcraft and witchdoctors has now ended up landing him in possible diplomatic troubles after he accused Zimbabwe and South Africa of habouring a number of them.

Kabimba, who is on a national campaign trail hoping for the speedy demise of his boss Michael Sata who he has been trying to bewitch for sometime, told Sinazongwe residents at a funeral he hijacked in Southern province:

“There’s no way UPND can win a national election, no way! Even if they consulted all the witchdoctors in Zimbabwe and South Africa, it’s not possible for them to win. They are deceiving you,” Kabimba told mourners who welcomed him in the traditional dance normally performed during funerals.

Kabimba, who has been hoping more MPs from Southern province would join him like Daniel Munkombwe and Richwell Siamunene has, conceded and now wants mourners to start hunting for candidates for him.

“I want all district executive committees to start identifying (members of parliament) candidates for 2016 in Southern Province. I want all district committees to start working with these candidates now. I want to call upon all men and women of substance to take up this challenge,” Kabimba said. “I want all district committees to give support to these candidates instead of fighting them so that come 2016, it will be harvest time,” Kabimba told mourners.

Kabimba is not new to witchcraft behavior. During the last session of parliament, he went with some chitumwa (African herbs wrapped around what looked liked some human craft).

At an individual level, Kabimba has never won election even in PF as his current position is appointed by dictator Sata while his attempts in his village has been disastrous.


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