UPND candidate chickens out of crucial debate

UPND candidate chickens out of crucial debate

In what appears like well crafted move, the PF today again outsmarted their main opponents in the Chilanga by election through their proxy masquerading as the UPND candidate Charmaine Musonda. Charmaine feigned an illness to avoid appearing at the NGOCC organised joint press conference for the women candidates, leaving the official PF candidate to appear alone.

In a shock decision, Charmaine Musonda who had confirmed u-turned at the last minute and chickened out claiming that she was unwell.

However sources from PF confirmed the Watchdog story that the UPND candidate was a pone for the ruling party and was doing everything possible to reduce the opposition party’s chances of winning the by election.

“The UPND have actually now noticed that they have been outsmarted but they don’t want to admit and they are playing along.

” Just like what they did to the NDC candidate, the UPND candidate is actually PF so she couldn’t appear at the NGOCC joint presser,” said the source.

NGOCC had organised a joint press conference for the two women candidates in Chilanga to provide them an opportunity to outline their vision.
Both UPND and PF had confirmed but the UPND candidate chucked out at the last minute to allow the PF candidate to speak.

Below is a statement the PF issued to mock HH.


UPND Candidate for Chilanga By-election pulls out of a joint Media Interface organised by NGOCC at the 11th Hour…

PF Candidate Maria Langa ended up being the only one to make her case, committing to peace and issue-based politics. As a carrier of development, She gave her vision for Chilanga which is anchored in the Patriotic grand vision.

She also described herself as a mother, wife and woman who believes that family values play an important role in nation-building.

She committed to work for the empowerment of women in Chilanga. She affirmed that the women of Chilanga can trust her at all levels as a partner in their upliftment.

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