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We would like to address the nation through the press and give our position with regards to the media reports contained in the TIMES OF ZAMBIA and DAILY MAIL NEWSPAPERS of today the 21st November, 2012 under the screaming headlines entitled “UPND bigwig charged for murder” and “BAULENI IN MURDER CHARGE….. UPND boss accused of murdering PF cadre” respectively.

To our countrymen and women, we appeal to you to keep an open mind and bear in mind at all times that according to our Constitution, which is the supreme law of this country, every person charged with a criminal offence is presumed innocent until he is proved or has pleaded guilty.  It will therefore be wrong at this stage to judge our Provincial Chairman – Ambassador Adrian Bauleni and our party for being involved in the death of the PF Cadre One Crispin Menyani Zulu.

As a formidable party in opposition and a party that has a pragmatic manifesto and offers solutions to the many problems beleaguering our country, we understand why the PF and its allies go out for any opportunity to scandalize the name of our party.  The Zambians will recall that Dr. Kaunda went through trials and tribulations when he was fighting for our independence.  Mr. Sata equally went through difficult times with law enforcement agents immediately he went in opposition.  He was even charged with a non bailable offence of theft of motor vehicle.  Where is Mr. Sata now?  Where are the people who were persecuting him?

We are therefore not beaten by the screaming headlines because we know that due process will ultimately have to follow.  We are also hopeful that the Police will exhibit maximum professionalism in handling the investigations into the death of Crispin Menyani Zulu to obviate the risk of parading innocent citizens in court whilst the real culprit remains out there.

We however would like to publicly complain against the Inspector General of Police, Madam Stella Libongani and her Deputy for ordering the detention of our Provincial Chairman, Mr. Adrian Bauleni from Sunday the 11th November, 2012 to Friday the 16th November, 2012 without charge.

Further, we would like to complain against the conduct of the Police to charge Mr. Bauleni in the absence of Counsel when they are fully alive to the fact that our Provincial Chairman is very represented by lawyers who are members of the Law Association of Zambia.

We shall soon write to the Human Rights Commission of Zambia of this gross violation of “best practices” and indeed violation of Mr. Bauleni’s right to Counsel.  We would like to warn the Police against yielding to the temptation to glorify an end no matter what the means.  We understand very well that temporary acclaim and momentary grandeur are very tempting fruits.  But we urge the Police and other law enforcement agents to be professional at all times and respect the rights of Mr. Bauleni and any other person they may be investigating.

We would like to assure the nation and our supporters’ national wide that our party is in top gear.  Our President, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema is more determined to fight the social and economic injustices our country has ever seen.  There seems to be no clear direction in policy by the governing party in the political, social and economic facets of this our country.  We are witnessing dictatorial tenets of intolerance, nepotism, cronyism and tribalism of the worst kind.  We are witnessing a country where our President has the audacity to say that he is untouchable and is busy destroying our democracy.

We would like to remind Mr. Sata that he has a social contract with the people of Zambia and has a duty to respect our constitution.  Our President has a duty to preach brotherly love and unite us as Zambians.  If he fails our people as the indicators are showing, if he offends our constitution; he will definitely be touched through our constitutionally provided mechanisms by the people of Zambia who hired him are very much able to fire him come 2016.

I thank you.

Winstone S Chibwe


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