UPND claims PF govt wants a one party state, dares MPs that wants to join govt to do so now

The UPND claims the ruling PF government is determined to find cases and de-register the party as a way of creating a one-party state.

UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma says one way in which the ruling party wants to weaken the opposition parties is through the continued appointment of their members in government.

He said the well-calculated scheme by the ruling PF also involves sponsoring violence in various places, especially areas where there are by-elections and implicate the opposition party so as to find reason to ban it.

Mr. Kakoma said the PF police now want to arrest the UPND president Hakainde Hichilema on the pretext that his surety, the Livingstone Mayor Aggrey Njekwa, was also arrested in the murder case in Livingstone.

Mr. Kakoma said this scheme will not work as the UPND was determined to forge ahead with violence free revolution and campaigns despite provocations and intimidations from the ruling party.

And UPND Secretary General Winston Chibwe has called on all the MPs that want to join the ruling party to do so now as there were enough replacements in the party to take-up their positions.

Speaking when he welcomed a delegation of defectors from Kapiri Mposhi at the party secretariat, Mr. Chibwe said he would rather remain with a few obedient MPs than people who were disloyal to the party.

And senior member Douglas Siakalima said the brutality by PF on UPND will only strengthen the party’s resolve to remain determined.

He said this world has had more powerful dictators than Micheal Sata but have fallen by the people’s power.

Siakalima warned other PF leaders such as Winter kabimba not to take their lucky too far because, unlike president Sata, them have no immunity.

He also bemoaned the brutality against the University of Zambia student by Sata’s police last night saying it was very inhumane.

“As I am speaking now, some students are in hospitals in the middle of their examinations because Sata ordered police to beat them in their hostels that left most of them severely injured,” he said.

Political activist Daunte Saunders said he is not surprised by the police brutality being exhibited by Sata because he knows him too well.

Mr. Saunders also said the PF government was heavily bloated with too many ministers who were not doing anything.

“That’s why you discover that almost the entire cabinet would be camped in a by-election for months because they have nothing to do,” he said.

Mr. Saunders said he does not look for a job from the PF because he could survive on his own.

“Go and tell that Kennedy Sakeni that I can actually keep him the rest of his life. So I am not looking for a job from anyone. In fact, even when UPND wins and starts abusing people’s human rights, I will be the first one to condemn the barbaric behaviour,” Mr. Saunders said.

And UPND women have resolved not to participate in this years’ International Women’s Day because of the PF brutality.

The UPND leaders were speaking at the UPND secretariat during a press briefing this morning.

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