UPND claims Sata has violated constitution

United Party for national Development Copperbelt Spokesperson Kennedy Kalunga has claimed that President Micheal Sata has violated several clauses in the constitution since he was ushered into office after the September 20 elections.

In an interview with the watchdog, Kalunga cited the merging of ministries as one of the ways the President has breached the rule of law.

He said that according to Article 44 subsection 2(e) of the laws of Zambia, a head of state is only permitted to merge ministries upon approval from parliament.

Kalunga said what President Sata had done was not only unconstitutional but also unlawful.

He noted that issues concerning retirement from the civil service were subject to debate and approval by members of the National Assembly as such a head of state cannot conclude the matter without their views.

Kalunga appealed to President Sata to always consult stakeholders and members of political parties prior to making decisions that are in the interest of the nation.

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