UPND complains to ECZ over Kambwili’s PF backed tribal hatred

UPND complains to ECZ over Kambwili’s PF backed tribal hatred


– UPND Secretary general officially complains to ECZ over Kambwili’s tribal assault

The opposition UPND Alliance has called for the arrest of Patriotic Front PF supporter Chishimba Kambwili for inciting tribal sentiments during his campaign trail on the Copperbelt.

Speaking at a press briefing this afternoon, UPND Alliance Media Director Thabo Kawana said Mr Kamwbili’s behaviour of inciting tribal hatred with impunity is contrary to provisions of section 107 (4) (2) of the electoral code of conduct act.

Mr Kawana said the conduct of Mr Kambwili with the blessings of the PF inciting tribal hatred against the Tonga people and UPND as a political outfit is not only unfair but against the law.

“Inciting tribal hatred against anyone for the purpose of an election is a criminal offense that carries a prison sentence of 1 year. What the Patriotic Front are doing through the horrible sentiments coming from Chishimba Kambwili is not only unfair, but it is tribal, illegal and it is against the law” Mr Kawana said.

Mr Kawana wondered how Mr Kambwili could easily stand in public audience declaring that all Tonga speaking people belong to the UPND, clearly inciting tribal hatred.

“So, what is he saying about all these other Tonga speaking people that are part of the Patriotic Front? It simply means that not only are they recognized, but that they are not welcome and this is inciting tribal sentiments. What makes it disgusting is that he is spewing this kind of ‘nonsense’ at a time that we are mourning the late President Kaunda who stood for nothing but unity and hated tribalism with a passion” he said.

He said the Inspector General of Police must quickly act to bring Mr Kambwili, a perpetrator of tribalism with impunity to account for his deeds.

“So we are calling on the law enforcement officers to arrest Chishimba Kambwili because this is provided for in the law. He can’t behave with impunity like this country is his farm, this cannot be accepted” Mr Kawana said.

And Mr Kawana has expressed concern on the disregard of the Electoral Commission of Zambia ECZ’s ban on road shows and holding of campaign rallies by Mr Kambwili in Chililabombwe where he was seen addressing large gatherings without regard of any health protocols.

He said the silence the ECZ, police and Ministry of Health on the conduct of Mr Kambwili disregarding the law only creates an impression that the ban was imposed targeting the opposition alliance.

“Just yesterday in Chililabombwe, Chishimba Kambwili had roadshows, political rallies and meetings. If UPND meets two or three people, the police will discharge teargass and arrest the leaders asking why they are abrogating Covid guidelines and ban on rallies. All the state institutions are hell bent on seeing what the UPND is doing” Mr Kawana said.

Meanwhile, Mr Kawana has implored President Edgar Lungu to tame political party cadres inciting violence by empowering the police to arrest law breakers regardless of party affiliation.

He said this following the hacking to near death of UPND member Richard Sinkala currently admitted at the University Teaching Hospital, whose photos with a deep cut at the back of his head went viral on social media yesterday.


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