UPND condemns Kabwe council over brothels, but DC warns owners to stop

The United party for National Development (UPND) in central province has condemned the Kabwe Municipal Council and government for tolerating the running of brothels which are on the increase in the town, but Kabwe district commissioner Patrick Chishala has intercepted and ‘warned’ the operators to stop.

UPND Provincial youth chairman Milner Mwanakampwe told the media that the council must move in and arrest the law breakers. “There are some places not fit to be called lodges and rooms are occupied by prostitutes who pay in advance but the council has been tolerant, they must take a proactive action and close down such immoral places,” said Mwanakampwe.

But in a dramatic turn of events after a tip from the public about a named brothel in Lukanga township, Kabwe DC Chishala, upon realizing that the sex den was run by a known PF thug who campaigned for Kabwe MP James Kapyanga, Chishala rushed to a Vuvuzela local radio station and ‘warned’ that government would ‘arrest’ the owner, much to the annoyance of junior police officers who wanted to clamp down on the brothel.

“The law does not allow operating of brothels, so when the DC got a tip he should have let police do our work but now he has blown everything even if we move in, there would be no evidence. This is a proper case of DEC who instead of planting pornography on journalists’ computers, there are people creating pornography here and are left scot free,” complained the policeman.

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