UPND condemns Lebanese company Zalco involvement in houses demolition

UPND has condemned the Kabwe Municipal Council’s decision to partner with a Lebanese company Zalco industries to demolish over 20 houses in the aerodrum area after information leaked that the company has dubiously acquired the land.

UPND provincial youth chairman Milner Mwanakampwe who visited the site said the council’s action lacked patriotism. He said that his party was aware of the scheme to demolish the structures and warned the people of Kabwe ahead of the Highridge ward by election which was won by PF.

Mwanakampwe regretted that poor Zambian’s earnings cannot be put to good use and that instead of the government promoting its citizens, they have partnered with foreign nationals to bring misery and poverty to citizens.

Over 20 houses were in the early hours of Wednesday demolished by Kabwe municipal council using Zalco Industries earth moving equipment. The Lebanese company which deals in copper processing has bribed council officials to get the land and recently built a house for Kabwe district commissioner Patrick Chishala in Chowa area as inducement against many labour violations.

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