UPND condemns Lungu’s careless talk in Uganda

United Party for National Development (UPND) Chairperson for International Relations Mulondwe Muzungu has charged that outgoing President Edgar Lungu has gone beyond his jurisdiction by engaging in national politics of Uganda.
Muzungu accused the PF of inconsistence noting that it was clear that the rule of law and accepted international standards do not apply to them.
He said when diplomats accredited to Zambia recently visited UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema at his residence, the PF demonised them and warned them to stay away from the local politics in the country.
Muzungu also referred to the recent attempt by the PF government to hand over veteran politician and diplomat Vernon Mwaanga to Ugandan Dictator Yoweri Museveni after he commented on the recent Ugandan elections.
‘Not long ago, the PF government almost surrendered veteran politician and seasoned diplomat Vernon Mwaanga to the Ugandan authorities when Mwaanga gave counsel on the need to check the credibility and integrity of the Dubai based Alghuraair Printing and Publishing Plc that is alleged to have been used to print the ballot papers for Uganda,’ Muzungu observed.
He said Lungu has embarrassed himself by engaging in internal affairs of Uganda in full neglect of the sensitivities of the situation.
Muzungu claimed that even at home President Lungu’s careless mouth was responsible for adding to an already volatile and unstable situation when he told some people in Eastern Province that police had arrested foreigners in connection with ritual killings.
He charged that Lungu clearly lacks the etiquette and judgement required to hold such a sensitive position as president of Zambia.
‘We send him abroad at great expense and he repays us with blunders and embarrassments,’ Muzungu bemoaned.
Muzungu has since urged Lungu to sober up as he continues to move about in and outside the country so that the damage the PF does to the country in international reputation before the August elections can be minimised.
Lungu’s comments in Uganda have earned him sharp insults on social media from scores of Ugandans.

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