UPND condemns recent cases of GBV

Fellow citizens, it is with a heavy heart that once again I address the serious matter of gender-based violence at our homes and work places.

Zambia has for many years been implementing initiatives aimed at eradicating gender-based violence, particularly against women.

The recent gruesome cases where a male teacher assaulted the headmistress, a Sr. Chakupalesa, of Roma Girls Secondary School and a woman of Chongwe severed her husband’s private parts, a Mr. Victor Mulaule, should be condemned by all well-meaning Zambians.

What we read about the woman’s brutality against her husband and what we saw on Muvi TV about a male teacher beating a fellow female employee shows us that we are very far from addressing gender-based violence in our homes and it seems even places of work. What we experienced is a blight on all our consciences.

In one instance that it was carried out by a teacher a role model for young people is beyond saddening. It is my belief that these two cases will soon be in the courts of law. I will therefore restrict my comments except to again express my deep sadness.

I also say to my fellow countrymen and women, there is no excuse for raising your hand against each other. There is never any excuse to resolve interpersonal differences by violence.

Once more, the two cases show that we still have a lot of work to do in eradicating gender-based violence and the need for laws to stiffen punishment for such cases.

Wendy Mulenga
UPND- Lusaka Province Chairperson

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